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5 Ways to Storm-Proof Your Garage Door

1/17/2024 (Permalink)

Green drying equipment on floor in front of 2 big windows. Storm-proofing your garage door is a proactive measure to protect your home and possessions during harsh weather conditions.

One often-overlooked area vulnerable to severe weather is the garage door. In this blog, we'll explore five practical ways to storm-proof your garage door, providing you with valuable tips to fortify your home against the elements.

Invest in a Wind-Resistant Garage Door

Upgrade your garage door to a wind-resistant model designed to withstand the force of strong winds during storms. Look for doors with reinforced panels, sturdy bracing, and a solid track system. A professional installation ensures the door is securely fitted, enhancing its ability to endure severe weather conditions.

Install Garage Door Bracing Systems

Consider installing a garage door bracing system to add extra strength and support. These systems typically involve horizontal braces across the door panels and vertical braces connecting the top of the door to the ceiling. Garage door bracing systems provide crucial reinforcement, preventing the door from bowing or collapsing under intense wind pressure.

Seal Gaps and Cracks

A well-sealed garage door is essential for keeping out wind, rain, and debris during storms. Regularly inspect your garage door for any gaps, cracks, or worn-out weatherstripping. Replace damaged weatherstripping and use caulk to seal gaps around the door frame. This not only enhances storm resistance but also improves energy efficiency.

Upgrade to Impact-Resistant Windows

If your garage door features windows, consider upgrading to impact-resistant versions. Impact-resistant windows are designed to withstand flying debris and extreme weather conditions. This adds an extra layer of protection to your garage, minimizing the risk of damage during storms.

Regular Maintenance

Consistent maintenance is key to ensuring your garage door remains storm-resistant. Check for loose hardware, tighten bolts and screws, and lubricate moving parts regularly. Address any issues promptly to keep your garage door in optimal condition and ready to face severe weather.

Storm-proofing your garage door is a proactive measure to protect your home and possessions during harsh weather conditions. Whether through wind-resistant doors, bracing systems, sealing gaps, impact-resistant windows, or regular maintenance, these strategies enhance the resilience of your garage door. Remember, if your property faces storm-related damage, SERVPRO of Loveland is here 24/7 to provide professional restoration services!

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